About Us

Foulmouth Greeting cards are for lovers, of all kinds. They sell in sex shops like She Bop, Good Vibrations, and Babeland, in boutiques and of course here, online. They're a little dirty, a little funny, a little queer and always sex positive. Just like me! My name is Anna, I'm Foulmouth's mom. I design, produce and package all of our cards in my home studio in Sunny Valley, Oregon. I make these cards because they make people (including myself) laugh, feel appreciated and seen. I also make these cards because their sales give me the freedom to live where I want, and spend more time doing what I love. 


Have you taken a look at our designs yet? I bet there's a perfect card in there for the sexy person in your life. If that person has been good to you, I think they deserve a sweet gesture. Don't you? Our origin story isn't going anywhere. Go take a look!


Foulmouth's Origin Story..


So Foulmouth first hit the town Valentines Day weekend, 2011. I was 22, living in San Francisco, doing a lot of water coloring, smoking lots of weed and consequently having tons of great ideas. Valentines Day was just around the corner, and because I have always been one for romance, I set my heart on doing a small, lucrative art project for the holiday. It started with a watercolored card of me.  An image of myself on a couch, with my hand down my pants. The inside read: I think about you when I masturbate. I felt like I was onto something so I came up with 5 more designs, called them 'Dirty Little Valentines' and set up a table at Mission-Dolores Park. The project was a success. The people loved Foulmouth, I loved the people and I sold hundreds of cards.

Flash forward, 2012 Valentines Day was coming up. Still water coloring, still smoking lots of weed, I sat down to brainstorm. Out came a watercolored card of a cute, green chair. Inside read: If your face was a chair, I'd never get up. This card, plus the nine designs that followed ended up getting me my first wholesale account with Babeland, my favorite sex shop in New York City. I wrapped up a successful Valentines Day sidewalk sale, and reformatted my designs to full size, folded A2 cards. I bought my own equipment and began growing my wholesale accounts from Babeland in New York to She Bop in Portland Oregon, Good Vibrations in Northern California, and eventually to boutiques and sex shops all over the US.












 Since 2011, Foulmouth has moved more times than I can count on my two hands. I've made cards in sublets, in basements, in ghost towns, in cabins, on weed farms, on friends floors...but Foulmouth has finally landed in a cozy detached art and music studio, that I own, in Sunny Valley, Oregon. I live here in a cute little cabin, on 40 beautiful wooded acres, with my wife Rosa (Foulmouth's number 2 fan) who helps fill orders as long as there's a funny or gay movie playing in the studio.                                                                                                                                                                 

Every time you purchase a Foulmouth Greeting card, you encourage me to keep living my best gay artist life. And for that, I love you. Too much? Too bad.


Meet the Team 


 Anna Diem, Designer//Owner


        Rosa Zepeda, Supportive Wife//Order Fulfillment